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Twenty One Pilots[x]
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R E T U R N    T O    T H E     D E P T H S
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Denim on denim for every single day of my life.
Are you interested in dating someone you have met at Liberty? Is there someone you can see a possible future with?

oh gosh haha. I’ve met a lot of great, solid, quality, christian guys here for sure but I’m honestly trying not to focus on trying to make anything happen this semester.. so I’m trying really hard to not look ahead like that because that’s suuuch a trap for me. I just get super sucked into it.

I think the overwhelming thing about freshman year for girls here is that they’re constantly 1) meeting great guys left and right & 2) being pressured into focusing on finding a relationship in your first few seconds at liberty.

I’m sure that eventually I’ll want to date someone here, maybe I guess, because like how awesome would that be if your boyfriend went to the same college as you.. and obviously if something just fell into my lap that seemed right I would go for it, but I honestly don’t know right now and I’m trying not to focus too much on it..

(sorry, this isn’t a very fun or personal answer haha :)

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Meredith Adelaide in Soho                  whitney hayes
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